Upcoming Matches

  • * All dates are subject to change and are posted here as quickly as they can be verified.
  • 2015, 02, 24 - Updated
  • 2015, 02, 27 - 03, 01 - State 3PSB & Int. AR High School Championships - Dubois
  • 2015, 03, 07-08 - NRA Jr. Sectional Metric 3PSB & 40 shot Int. AR - Dubois
  • 2015, 03, 14-15 - NRA Open Precision Air Rifle Standing Sectional - Frazier Simplex
  • 2015, 03, 19-21 - National JROTC Championships - Camp Perry
  • 2015, 03, 21-22 - NRA Open 4P Conventional SB Sectional - Frazier Simplex
  • 2015, 03, 26-28 - CMP Regional Championships - Camp Perry
  • 2015, 03, 29 - NRA National Open 3P Air Rifle Championship & Jr 3P Air Rifle Sectiional - Frazier Simplex
  • 2015, 04, 04 - NRA National Open 3P Air Rifle Championship & Jr 3P Air Rifle Sectiional - Frazier Simplex
  • 2015, 04, 12 - RK Moore 100 Standing Postal Match - Frazier Simplex
  • 2015, 04, 18 - 05. 04 - USA Shooting National Junior Olympics - OTC, COnning, GA
  • 2015, 04, 18-20 - US Army National Air Rifle Championship - Fort Benning, GA
  • 2015, 04, 24-26 - David J. Crammer Memorial Indoor Prone Match - Frazier Simplex
  • 2015, 06, 23-26 - National 3PAR Championships - Anniston, AL
  • 2015, 06, 24 - 07, 01 - USAS National Championships - Fort Benning, GA

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sports Shooting Psychology – Commitment (from ELEY)

Being committed to something can be one of the most difficult things to do in life. It is easy for people to give up or not put their all into what they are doing. So how can you avoid getting caught in this trap? There is never an easy answer, but having distinct goals and following a plan will certainly help.
<<To Continue Reading this Article, click on this link>> http://www.eley.co.uk/en/the-bulletin/sports-shooting-psychology-commitment/

WPIAL Individual Rifle Competition on Feb 12 at Dormont

If you are interested in competing in this year's WPIAL Rifle Championships as an individual representing your school, please see the information at this link.

http://www.wpial.org/stuff/14-15/rfl/14-15 rifle champ memo.pdf
You are responsible for working with your Athletic Director to get yourself registered and to this event.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Frazier Simplex Jr Rifle Team takes the podium at the annual Camp Perry Open

The four person junior team of Chris Thomas, Cassidy Fairman, Molly Hensley and John Paul Grabowski met the challenge on Friday during the Camp Perry Open 3P Junior Air Rifle Championships and took the podium with a third place finish. The always competitive teams of TMU from Massachusetts and the Black Swamp Jr. Rifle Club from Ohio, edged out the Frazier Simplex X Factor team by just 33 and 10 points respectively.
3rd place in 3P team competition

On the second and third day of the competition, which was the all standing portion of this weekend's competition, Frazier Simplex had two three-person teams compete. These teams took home a 4th (Tommy Welch, Chris Thomas and Cassidy Fairman) and 6th place (Mackenzie Wagner, John Paul Grabowski and Molly Hensley). More than 157 precision class shooters competed during this portion of the competition. Competitors from all over the US participated including some of the Army Marksmanship Unit top shooters.

Other Frazier Simplex Jr. Rifle Club members competing this weekend were: Rosebud Hensley (Jr. Rifle), Ashley Hobgood (Air Pistol), and Tom Benedict (Open Rifle) competed on days 2 and 3.

Here is a link to the results: https://ct.thecmp.org/app/v1/index.php?do=match&task=edit&tab=results&match=11831

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

NRA 3P Metric Open and State Match Results

Twenty-five competitors from all over the region came to shoot in this 120 shot, 3 position, smallbore match. The overall and Gold medal winner, shooting a total of 1139 - 41x, was Cassidy Fairman. In second place overall and taking the Silver medal was John Husk shooting an 1125 - 40x and taking the Bronze medal was Dean Trew with an 1117 - 31x.
Cassidy wins the Gold medal with a total of 1139 - 41x.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Junior Olympic PA State Championships

The 2015 Pennsylvania Junior Olympic State Championships concluded on Sunday, January 4th at the Jerome Sportsmans Club. Nearly 100 juniors competed this year vying to become the State Champion. Only one boy or girl can be crowned State Champion for Smallbore and Air Rifle, but everyone can shoot to achieve the minimum cut score and be automatically qualified to receive and invitation to the National Championships to be held at the Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado in April.

Of the four boys and four girls that competed in this competition from Frazier Simplex, Cassidy Fairman was the only one to achieve the minimum cut score with a 566 in smallbore (565 was the minimum). The other competitors will have to wait and see if they will be invited.

Cassidy won J2 Silver with a 378 15x in Air Rifle &
J2 Gold with a 566 20x in Smallbore. 
Congratulations goes out to the PA State Champions:
Men's Air Rifle
Jack Anderson, 587 37x (Gold)
Josh Martin, 584 36x (Silver)
Caleb Lloyd, 573 27x (Bronze)

Men's Smallbore
Josh Martin, 583 32x (Gold)
Jack Anderson, 572 18x (Silver)
Alex Gestl, 569 20x (Bronze)

Women's Air Rifle
Deanna Binnie, 390 24x (Gold)
Amy Fister, 389 23x (Silver)
Amy Hammer, 387 16 (Bronze)

Women's Smallbore
Deanna Binnie, 575 28x (Gold)
Amy Hammer, 571 16x (Silver)
Amy Fister, 571 14x (Bronze)

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Applications for CMP scholarships now being accepted

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) offers $1000 one-year scholarships assistance to encourage and reward outstanding and deserving high school seniors on the basis of merit. The high school seniors need to be a member of a team or club that participates in rifle or pistol marksmanship competitions. The CMP seeks applications from high school seniors who currently compete in marksmanship competitions.

Click Here for more details.